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The open IoT platform - Perfect adaption to other industries

With the open and industry-independent IoT platform of kasasi customers benefit from all sectors of the increasing digitalization. Building on the core application, we can implement individual IoT projects tailored specifically to the interests of each customer. This enables the networking of mobile or static objects, from sensor systems to the leading system in the company. Technical requirements are cleanly integrated and the solutions are adapted to each company’s internal processes.

The kasasi IoT platform consists of neutral primitives. The combination of basic elements and individual development solutions then enhance the overall IoT platform to an industry specialist. The customer’s specific requirements determine whether the final product is made up of elements of the core application to a greater or lesser extent, and the extent to which additional developments are needed. Our successful product NIC-base is constructed analogously this principle. 

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Commercial vehicles and logistics

With the enormous volume of telemetrics data it gathers, this industry is considered a pioneer in big data processing. For a large proportion of companies in this sector, NIC-base ensures a stable and powerful platform for trouble-free round-the-clock operation, ranging from fleet management to future vehicle-to-vehicle concepts aimed at achieving largely autonomous trucks.


Demand-driven production, just-in-time or just-in-sequence production chains, sensor-controlled 3D printers – the Internet of Things is conquering production processes. With their use of the kasasi IoT platform, companies network the data they accrue, optimising the operation of all machinery and equipment. The result: improved capacity utilisation, optimised maintenance intervals, higher reliability and resilience and enormous cost savings.

Building management

Smart home applications have only become possible with the organisation of large volumes of data. Whether at home in the private living space or at work in production halls and office buildings, the intelligent control of building systems and equipment – including lighting, heating, ventilation, temperature control, water, shutters, doors, gates, windows, security systems etc. – not only leads to increased comfort, but also to the sustainable and cost-conscious use of energy.

Energy management

Measurement data processing, tenant electricity models, control energy capable photovoltaic energy storage – in addition to the deregulated energy market, the Renewable Energy Act has also led to a wide range of new business models. The challenge: to clearly analyse and exploit the potential of the big data lakes they produce. The solution: IoT by kasasi.

Medicine & healthcare

The Internet of Things is having a growing impact in the medical sector. In addition to the efficient management of the medical equipment used in hospitals, there is a need for intelligent use of accrued heterogeneous examination data (X-ray, CT, MRI, blood tests, dialysis), medical reports and personal patient data, including the historical progression of diseases and treatment costs. The IoT platform by kasasi helps to analyse this big data lake, allowing for a reduction in treatment costs, shorter hospitals stays, individualised treatments based on analysis of similarities between patient data, as well as optimised medication plans and a tool in the struggle against the submission of false claims to insurance companies.